Bianca Chong Re.articulation

By Haris Giannouras

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The themes of continuity and artistic articulation run both like inspirational motives and aesthetic principles throughout the work of Bianca Chong, opening a filed of discourse on the limits and variations of what it really means to brake the illusion of the entirety of a work of art, the uniqueness of fashion and all the beautiful correlations that fall in-between. The recent LCF graduate deals with the subject of the tender boundaries between fashion accessories, jewelry, artistic creation, and all those impressive qualities of interdisciplinary magic that come along whenever someone takes the bold decision to cross them.

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Her MA collection carries the title Re.articulation and consists of fashion artifacts and accessories with a genuine architectural approach and a pure futuristic feeling, where mechanical elements are infused with an organic manner into each piece, repurposing it and totally rearranging the way it is perceived and understood. Organic materials, like leather and wood clash with harsher contemporary elements, like Avonite, a type of polyester and compose vivid bipolar expressions that draw our attention. The practical usage of every individual piece, wether it is a bag or an accessory, is highly linked with its mechanism and at the same time unveils a brand new game of symbolisms and creative meanings behind the interactive dialogue of the user and the artifact. The end result is nothing less than a wonderfully balanced symmetry of art, fashion and poetry.
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Eva Huang – Wei Photography
Hair and Makeup: 
Chia-Ying Wu
Anna K. – MILK Management

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