BIANCA POPP… Temple Invisible FW15

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Our agenda for the new season is off the hook. The Bianca Popp  chameleon is busy with giving herself a poised look the next   meeting. Temple Invisible, the Fall Winter collection by the Romanian   fashion designer showcases the inside story of this majestic   wardrobe.

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This season looks through the window of the kindred spirits which   celebrate the shared believes, courage, attitudes and wisdom. The   bond is incarnated into her signature touch, the knot, which is made   born since the very beginning.

A highly structured contemporary collection which includes 35 geometrical silhouettes praises for, once again, the ultimate femininity and faith carried by those kindred spirits.

Bianca Popp is born in Romania and is 39 years old. She is a Marangoni Master graduate from Istituto Marangoni Milan. ( 2018) Before that she studied Communication and graduated a MA on Semiotics of Theatre, followed by a twist in her career (and life) towards theater costumes.

The decision to start her own label took her to Istituto Marangoni. She worked as a designer for 10corsocomo for a few months after finishing Istituto Marangoni, than started her own label in 2009. The love for costumes persisted, as life unfolded new perspectives on human interaction and on the multitude of roles everybody plays while trying to stay true to one-self.
bianca popp aw 2015 look 23.3
From this very discovery came the idea of creating clothes that will adapt to various situations while preserving a core idea and telling a story that stands by itself as much as it describes and compliments its owner. Currently, Bianca Popp is living in Paris, where she feels inspired and motivated,
and her brand is growing exponentially.


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