Art and its artifacts always infuse Sylvio Giardina’s work. In his new creative project, a small, dark, slightly convex object with a black tinted surface fascinated Sylvio: it was the “Claude mirror”,  which abstracts landscape sceneries, while unifying shapes and lines and blurring details.

FW015.08SG FW015.20SG FW015.21SG FW015.27SG

The new  creative process starts from this vision, where fabrics and shapes blend and colors sway. Black  plays a predominant role in the collection, yet the polished and mirroring fabrics create optical  and vibrant effects, giving way to pure geometric shapes, defined by brown, navy blue and hazel  hues. Some outfits are embellished with Plexiglas necklaces, playing out a double role,  complementing the dress and working as an accessory.

FW015.16SG FW015.25SG

Fiercely believing in having fun by letting  ideas run free, Sylvio introduces to the public a mini collection of accessories, made of earrings in  mirroring black Plexiglas and tortoiseshell necklaces. A strong collection for FW15/16

FW015.04SG FW015.06SG FW015.22SG

Sylvio Giardina, Via Emanuele Filiberto, 271, 00185 Roma


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