By Marlo Saalmink


The true merits of craftsmanship: what are these?  How can we typecast this phenomenon without underselling it?  There are many that advance claims of such slower fashion, reflecting on the waters and   seeking moments of stillness in creation. Few, however, make this their sole task and insist on seeing things differently. As does, Aase Helene Hansen, who crafted her eponymous universe HANSEN, diligently and with a clear purpose.

resize-2 Here, we may encounter garments   that are made to last and exists as singular entities, season after season. The premise is   to carefully source each fabric and connect them to each individual wearer. Aase does not design garments that shout, they are underplayed yet rich in their texture, contrast and  dynamic versatility.

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What makes HANSEN so unique are their sincere connections with their suppliers. They   do not just order fabric and start sketching. No, they seek out unique traders, that know   their skills and have developed these over decades. Aase and her compatriot Per Chrois,   both are avid travelers, that seek out a profound dialogue with the people they choose to   confide in.  For the latest summer collection, she worked with hand-loomed shirting from a   small atelier in India, where the intimate portraits below were shot. Whereas for winter   unique wool specimens from Japan were found, to craft a relaxed and loosely tailored   workwear silhouette, shot here on a close friend in the windswept Copenhagen port.


Now that we touch upon the imagery, these are always taken by Aase herself, as she is keen   on documenting her journeys and spontaneous encounters. Nothing is ever scripted,   which also adds onto the sincerity of her designs.   In the end, a collection is only as strong as the people wearing it. And for HANSEN, this list of eclectic devotees is constantly moving, it ranges from younger aspiring poets, to heritage waders to astute explorers. The pieces simply have maintained their democratic  and understated feel. They do not exclude anyone, but beckon to all. Aase, with her  wonderful modesty, would of course never admit this. Which for me says it all, HANSEN is  here to stay.


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