Dumitrascu launched its first collection  named : (WIFI) during fashion week in Paris for SS2017 ,  DUMITRASCU took over the whole “LOVE Hotel à Paris”, each one of the 16 rooms at the second floor of 88 rue Saint Denis were filled with artists, musicians , friends modeling/acting/posing on a form of “tableau vivants “  each room had its own theme: Candy , Crime , Japan, Parents , Indian , Venice while the guests were invited to open each door of every room and circulate on the hallways filled with smoke and loud music featuring Pandora’s Jukebox at the turntables introducing a spectacular mix of Memphis style street couture.

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The 45 Looks are tailor made in Berlin, a vibrant mix of tribal hand-painted/ hand-pleated fabrics, high tech nylons, silk tartans, Schläpfer couture fabrics, Turkish flower prints, Victorian techno silhouettes, 90s street wear, couture entanglements, humor and attitude. An universal fun uniform taking you from the opera to the club, featuring tailored bonbons, sports couture, washable deliciousness, a sweatshop-free everyday festival fitting every style and handbags.  After fashion studies with Raf Simons, Veronique Branquinho and Bernhard Willhelm, Dumitrascu has curated a former unlabelled “wearspace” on Berlins eponymous Mulackstrasse 34, offering an open concept platform for brands, designers and artists.

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The acclaimed shop in Berlin Mitte (now going by Salbazaar) is well known for having introduced numerous international designers to Berlin’s audience. Labels such as Bless, Cosmic Wonder, Lemaire, Eckhaus Latta, Berhard Willhelm and Wendy & Jim are presented side by side with diverse collaborations that the store has realized over the years with befriended artists, gallerists, musicians, and avant-garde designers. Additionally, Dumitrascu sources an exclusive selection of artisanal and ethnic items, the result being a surprising and outspoken amalgamation of styles, positions and experiences.

17dumitrascu-wifi-ss17-boat4 dumitrascu-wifi-ss17-bondage3 dumitrascu-wifi-ss17-hell5 img_1440

All clothes by  Dumitrascu, Art director & Styling : Rich Aybar,  Casting: Walter Pearce,  Makeup: Alisonn Fetouaki & Michelle Reiner, Music : Pandoras Jukebox, Sound installations : Konrad Sprenger, Photo : Maxime Ballesteros, Reto Schmidt, Natascha Goldenberg ,  Location : Love Hotel à Paris


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