Gyo Yuni Kimchoe, known for their pioneering voice for sustainable fashion highlights the  concept of recycling in their Spring Summer 2016 collection– The Enlightened Rebel.  Taking key reference from two truly inspiring sources, the Buddhist Monks and British   Rebel culture we can see a diverse mix of fabrications and silhouettes found in progressive   stages, visually and theoretically through this collection. Not only Buddhism itself is highly  related to sustainable philosophies but also, Buddhist monks are only allowed to wear  recycled clothing nodding to the brands ethical stance and the intricate patchwork details   seen this season.

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Phase one shows plenty of vintage cloths and styles manipulated to create new fabrics with  studded and tulle embellishments. British subcultural silhouettes are paired with the   ideals of the Buddhist monk attire with interjections of the Asian style sleeves and  collars. Gyo Yuni Kimchoe express the free spirit of the Buddhist and British Rebels alike  from natural motifs such as waves, clouds and fires found from Buddhist art and paintings.

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The bespoke fabrics from the first phase are broken and peeled from the body revealing   the inner worth in the form of satin fabric combined with frills and studs to create lotus   motifs. The luxurious brocade details are revealed in this second phase to show the  natural blues and greens.

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In the final phase, they are finally enlightened showing full length Asian brocade dresses  with other outfits draped like the Buddha in cloth. Spring Summer 2016 give a stronger  voice to the recycling through its strong voices and visuals with traits of the Teddy Boy   long line suit shapes to the 70s Kings Road, Punk with military coats. They look holy and   sacred yet at the same time aggressive and rebellious with statement silhouettes in  vibrant hues.

look7 look8 look13 look14Photographer: Gyo Kim, Hair and Makeup: Andrea Chiu , Model: Kiko Arai @ Milk Management, Accessories: Lion Studio, Assistant: Sergio Cano, Di Han, Stylist: Yuni Choe

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