This season, ROMBAUT tries to provide a better way forward for us as a society. Fittingly for a spring collection, the vision is hopeful, celebratory and radiant. It is a message of youthful optimism.


Nature and technology are tamed in the materials, our history and our future are merged in the forms. The lustrous surfaces tell a child’s story of the future. Through commitment and hard work, ecology and modernity become one.

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Sound mind , sound body, sound environment

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Mats Rombaut’s design is about modernizing our way of thinking. By proposing strong aesthetics and humanist values, ROMBAUT aims to provide a way forward for a world in need of 
change – a progressive concept for a more equitable future. The underlying vision is of an ecological way of life through stark, exposed designs where materials play 
a fundamental part, both in style and in philosophy.

Color, form and detailing are precise, essential and forward-looking. The style offered is modern and pure.

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The craftsmanship of ROMBAUT transforms materials at 
a fundamental level, creating new material innovations out of stone, tree bark, natural rubber, cotton cellulose and coconut fiber.

All materials and fabrics are sustainably engineered – there are no toxic or animal-derived substances involved. Instead ROMBAUT develops plant-based materials and is determined to protect 
bio-diversity in our environment.

Photography : Alice Rosati  Creative Direction: Mats Rombaut   Art Direction: Anne Wis   Models: Luca Fixy, Daytona Williams @ Success Paris . Grégoire Le Goupil @ En Avant Paris

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