2 copia 8 copiaGeneration WH(Y) is the storytelling of the everyday,  ordinary life of today’s youth. These “kids” live life  without thinking too much about the future, never asking  “WH(Y)”. The designer takes inspiration from his personal  experiences in Paris, ranging from basketball matches in  the playgrounds and skate parks to daily routines such as  parties, clubbing, going to the supermarket and riding the  metro.  Street art and photography are equally relevant to the  collection, with inspiration taken from photographers such  as John Kilar, Daniel King, Gorsad and artists among which  are Korakrit and Tianzhou Chen.

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The streets of Paris,  covered in torn and fading posters are also reflected on  the garments.  The designer describes this collection as the (“VOL. 1”)  of an album, where each garment is as song expressing a  distinct personal feeling. The graphic strength shown  through the image of the panther, the boxer and the torn  heart is echoed by the message conveyed by the lyrics  chosen to appear on the garments.  The iconic pieces of this season are those seen in the underground street life in Paris, such as bomber jackets,  leather jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts, each  personalized by the “Kids” wearing them.

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The Italian roots of the brand are referred to through the  trench/rain coat, which is an “ode” to “Allegri”, a clas- sical Italian brand which influenced the designer from the  early age of 5,when his aunt worked as a cleaning lady for  the Allegri family, which allowed him to spend his summer  vacations at the sea side with them.  This season the designer relies on handmade techniques,  through hand paintings, hand made embroideries and hand  made patches mixed with precious materials such as lea- ther, premium cotton and silk-cotton, technical waterproof  materials, silver zips and silver buttons, finished off  with raw cuts and patches that keep the authentic feeling  of a luxury streetwear brand.

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Photographer: Victor Pattyn
Mua: Lila Gueant @ B agency
Models: Valentin Cuvecle @ Elite Model Management Paris ; Florentin Glémarec, Quentin Lejarre @ M Management men

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