Haud SS19

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For Spring/Summer 2019, HAUD attempt to explore the concept of constriction and a desire for freedom. Which could either been seen as a physical bondage, or even more relatable for most people; a relentless mental struggle to escape situations relating to all sorts of societal norms, and dogma.


This translated to asymmetrical bondage-straps and extended-hanging loops on some of the pieces; gutted bodices with raw finish on others. The technical approach for this season inadvertently lead to the use of some new manufacturing techniques we had never used. The collection also features more use of over-sized graphic prints on the lining of jackets, and graphic t-shirts than we have used in the past. During the course of researching, we had spent a lot of time studying work-wear, and traditional Spanish costumes, which strongly influenced the overall aesthetic of the collection.

HAUD Design Studio is a multifaceted company within the areas of Fashion, Architecture, and Product Design industries. With its Menswear fashion business, being its primary commercial focus presently. HAUD is a place where ideas and process meld; and a singular concept is presented in an ever evolving narrative. Our premise is to investigate and re-present the traditional workwear in a manner that renders it suitable for everyday wear. We are particularly interested in the study of progressive artisanal surface treatment techniques, with a fusion of fine tailoring.

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