Helena Lumelsky… THE FUTURE IS NOW

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“We want to create intimate feeling to the wearer by the way the garment is designed, cut and made and to turn the garment into sartorial piece.”

The Future is now” AW1617 collection was inspired by futuristic influences of the 20’s, 60’s and 80’s in Art and fashion. People were dreaming about drastic changes that will happen in technology and fashion Although the new technologies are really changing our lives they did not changed our appearance the way people were dreaming of.

ZKA_0885lenalumelsky_large ZKA_1208lenalumelsky_large ZKA_1354lenalumelsky_large“We are still wearing recognizable garments and not unisex space overalls. But new technologies are really influencing fabric production. Thus for this collection we wanted to concentrate on new fabric research: classical compositions of cotton or wool or silk, with unexpected touch and other qualities.”

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Geometrical patterns in clothing cut were another source for this collection . In general we are still standing for very high quality every day clothing that with small alteration or styling could be worn by a modern woman of any age from the morning through the day and continuing to the evening occasions. The interior design of our garments is very important.

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Campaign images:   photo by Zaika Jegor, Model Marina Metelkina, Hair & Make up by Olga Charandaeva, Producer Taya Tarabrina, Styled by Vasilisa Gusarova, Assistant Ivan Golovanov’

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