By Marlo Saalmink

A singular pulse. Run aground.
Reach out. Harvest forlorn corners.
Journey beyond what you may survey.
Repel. Rekindle. Reform.
What remains, is all you need to know.
Steady on.

The lineage of our lives is defined by momentous events. Innate to our curious nature, we often find ourselves lingering. Perhaps, it is not about who you meet, but what you take from each encounter. Andy Henson and Brent Gold, the artisans of HENSON, surely understood this. Together they have forged a uniquely sincere collage of jewelry. Pieces that adorn, not in servitude, but instead question and connect profoundly to the respective wearer.

These are no collectors, but rather caretakers of elements that should pass onto others. In their Sydney atelier, they captured phases of their work process, as a document of the energy spent on crafting each individual piece. The materials they use have passed through a myriad of hands, stretching across great distances. In a way, HENSON is the culmination of several tangents, capturing the inspirational quest of each individual surface. Their work comments on our societal tendency to discard instead of repurpose. As agile observants, Andy and Brent craft these singular pieces, born out of necessity instead of need.

A meticulous curation of heirloom stones, reworked silver, salvaged mammoth bone and antique horn, forms the atelier’s primal foundation. As these natural substances belonged to previous generations, they have travelled, been touched and moved endlessly. Through traditional techniques and controlled experimentation they are propelled onto novel settings, by the steady diligent hands of Andy and Brent.

Their work appears as if suspended in silence, bridging past and contemporary musings, impelling one to reflect. Beauty lies not only in the external facade, but in the message that is embedded within. Release!

For more on Andy and Brent’s work: www.thisishenson.com

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