text by Haris Giannouras

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Addiction is a state of mind forcing us to loose control and consciousness of our lives, capable of enchanting, while at the same time misleading and fouling us. Dhosis, a new Lima based brand, presents through their collection titled Heroes an investigation of the world of heroin addiction and the process of rehab.

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Almost like an anthropological survey Heroes provides us with a small glimpse into an intriguing yet so dangerous path. A series of pieces drenched in self sarcasm that all come together in order to demystify and reinterpret the subject in question, which is exactly what makes them work. An interesting combination of a taboo matter and the way it interacts with the the human body itself, alongside with a bunch of pop, and youth 90s references. Models looking as if they just came out of a vintage rave party, dressed in pink jumpers, oversized jackets and syringe print bodysuits. At the end Dhosis doesn’t give away the feeling of an anti or pro drug campaign,  for it doesn’t want to dictate what’s right or wrong, but simple arouses a question about fashion’s relationship with our body and the various problematics it caries.

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