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Thomas Vasseur is a french fashion designer based in Paris. He develops her creating universe through real and unreal journey.Trained at Esmod in Roubaix, his speech draws from his roots, his literary, artistic and musical heroes and from world culture, closely mixed with everyday life. He express his inspirations in poetic and androgynous collections with ethnic and historical details.By means of some clothes, he invite us in the preface of his “Story N°1, Sleeved articles”..

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On the Silk Road, the short-volume silhouettes take from kimonos and turning collars jackets the refined looks of dreaming travelers. An adjusted, almost military cut balances a soft and tied indolence. The copper velvet, the sea-blue moleskin, the bronze sheet, the mouse grey wool, the putty cotton confront with details and completion, smoked muslin and printed pinstripes.

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In laid with old gold and platinum, a kimono jacket is shaped with graphic stripes. The linings blank or clash.

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Thick fading grain, tea coloured cordage in frogs, embroidered mirrors set the refined tone for a subtle accessorizing. Large edged headgear, between Stenson and Borsalino, outline the traveler profile, as a fermata. Bejeweled with coral and stone, seaweed or chiffon, black, ink and sand end this elegance.


A more ethnic pillbox hat creates havoc for panoplies from afar… Some inked scarves, ending in copper, a complete a nomadic wardrobe.

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Photography by Julie Vallon for Histoire N°I

Thomas Vasseur


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