For AW16-17 Othonas Charalambous is inspired by dark, unsettling and turbulent works from 19th century Romanticism and artists such as Theodore Gericault and Caspar David Friedrich among others. Bodies lost in stormy seas,cold and dangerous waters, tidal waves

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The rain is pouring. His long hair is wet, wrapped around his neck. ‘A boy lost in the storm. The wind is howling. He’s thinking about someone. He’s missing someone.’ The collection consists of around 20 garments that range from soft tailoring to separates. Focusing on a simple, streamlined silhouette the collection portrays strong emotions through its unique textures and draping movement.

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A gabardine trench coat with a huge draped collar, a viscose top with long intertwining straps, a poplin sleeveless shirt with oversized open armholes. ’In Wet Arms’ is a romantic collection. Dark, natural colours create a sense of mood and emotion. Deep sea blues, moss greens and blacks. Fabrics creating gleaming wet effects ranging from sleek polyester crepe and rayon to hand woven raffia pieces that try to evoke wet seaweed.

Photography Nicolas Andreou. Model Petros Nicolaou

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