Introducing Alex Levy Cailleux and LEVCA


FilepMotwary: Alex, can you walk us through your childhood and inspirations that led you get involved with fashion?

Alex Levy Cailleux: I’m a child of the eighties born in Paris in 1985. The decade specifically means a lot to me as it formed and developed my tastes and will remain unchanged.

In the late 90’s, I was introduced to fashion thanks to my grandmother who was a needlewoman at Chanel. I was 14 a period when oversized clothes were popular, bomber jackets and bumbags. It was also the time of the mythical Saint Laurent Fashion Shows and luckily I discovered that the young lady who lived in my grandparent’s village was the famous Laetitia Casta. Things fell into place and inspiration led my way. Now again, Laetitia Casta -and other French girls of the nineties in France like Severine Ferrer or Ophelie Winter – work as great examples and inspire me to create.

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FM: Did you study fashion?

ALC: No, I didn’t literally study fashion, my knowledge comes from experiences and my obsessions that took over when I was 14. Since then I am collecting all the fashion magazines and observe them.

Magazines focusing on Pop culture like Star Club, OK Podium or Salut also stimulate me and offer another angle in the meaning of dressing.

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FM: Could you walk us through the process of launching LEVCA. What where you doing before?

ALC: I always loved to cultivate the offbeat side of things and I still do.

When I entered High school, I formed my personal style by wearing my jeans backwards, different colour shoe on each foot, even sweaters that I created with the inscription « I love your life ». The aim was to interpolate my entourage and my professors.

Later I worked for several clothing boutiques in order to observe and understand the process behind ready to wear brands.

In 2016, I created LEVCA and launched my first collection in late September.

My goal remains the same as then: to make people react in a spirit of simple and affordable clothes, wearable in all occasions.


FM: What is your collection about?

ALC: LEVCA is a brand 100% Made in France. Each item is made in Parisian workshops to ensure the high quality of the production. In addition to this, LEVCA is also a mix of two essentials: Architecture and the 90s. Concerning architecture, the 1970s inspired me a lot. I love the design and Ill try to have architecture always as an element present in my lookbooks to come.

My clothes are a snap of colour or shape inspired by designers that I admire the likes of Matali Crasset, Jean Prouvé or Emile Aillaud. The 1990s, serves as memory, nostalgia even. I follow a lot of magazines or broadcasts, videos straight from that era (as Helene et les garçons..). It’s all a part of who I am. I love the cut from the nineties but it would not be fresh if reproduced.

We are in 2016 and I am after a modern cut with a 90′s influence.

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FM: Who is the LEVCA woman?

ALC: The LEVCA’s target customers are more between the ages of 15 and 40 years old. I love the idea of the girls wearing LEVCA in all occasions: for clubbing, shopping or even to go to work in. In resume, the target is for girls with a vintage edge.


FM: Why is your collection different from what is out there in the market already?

ALC: Maybe you will love it, maybe you will hate it, but you will react to this. I focus on things that can surprise!


FM: Why is it only available online?

ALC: LEVCA is only available only though Internet now because it’s my first collection. My goal for the second collection is to be in a boutique. The first was mainly to show my image and how I see fashion: My fashion.


Photo credits: Stan Stotch styled by the designer, Hair and Make Up by Bruno Segni.



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