Introducing Elina Aarela & Heini-Maria Hynynen

It was during the Paris SS15 collections that we came across the works of Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen. The PreHelsinki presentation, organized by  Livio G Facchini and his team at Public Image PR was a great introduction of the Finnish talent to the Parisians and fashion insiders.

Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1463

Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen, made their men’s wear collection during the second year of their studies and presented it at the  Aalto University’s fashion show last May . The won one of the Aalto Awards, handed by  Daniel Thawley, editor in chief of  fashion magazine A Magazine Curated by, Lou Stoppard, writer for Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio, British hat maker Stephen Jones, French sound designer Michel Gaubert and American sound designer Ryan Aguilar, German fashion designer Lutz Huelle and Frances Corner

Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1457 Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1458 Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1459 Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1460

So, Elina, who are you?

I am Elina Äärelä, a 21yo fashion design student from Finland. I spent my childhood in Australia, and grew up in ten different places in Finland. As a teenager I decided that I am going to be a fashion designer for my mom had always designed clothes and it felt like something I would enjoy, too!As a designer I always try to find inspiration in things that don’t necessarily inspire me when I first look at them.

Especially as a student I want to try out different things so that I could find out what truly is my style. I have noticed that you can find inspiration in basically everything which is very intriguing! Currently I am a design intern at Lanvin, Paris. In the future I am hoping to work in a big fashion house for their history and resources are inspiring.

Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1461 Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1464

What about you Heini-Maria?

I am Heini-Maria Hynynen, a 24 yo fashion design student in Aalto University from Helsinki, Finland. I always had that passion for fashion and clothes since I was little girl and then I realized that I could create my own clothes and be a part of fashion world too.

I think you can find inspiration from everywhere and as a design student I want to try as many different things as I can. My designs are often based on different and interesting material combinations.Currently I am designing my BA graduate collection. My collection is a men’s wear collection and it will be shown in Aalto University’s fashion show in May 2015. After that I want to do my internship in a big fashion house.

Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1455 Elina Äärelä & Heini-Maria Hynynen1462

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