ISABEL BENENATO, meet the genuine Italian talent

Interview by Filep Motwary

Isabel Benenato was born in Naples, Italy. She graduated from the Art Institute of Lucca, and then moved on to major in foreign languages and literature at University of Pisa. Since launching her first collection in Milan in 2008, Isabel Benenato has received critical acclaim from international buyers. Follow our conversation…



FilepMotwary: Isabel, how did everything start for you?

Isabel Benenato: It all started since I was very young. It was a dream for me to be able to become a designer as  I am born in Naples , from a family of tailors. It wasn’t difficult for me to decide.

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FM: Why you have chosen fashion as your profession in the first place.

IB: My beginning as independent designer was difficult, yet I followed my own path with determination, feeling lucky because everything was very clear in my mind,


FM: How did you form the “ Isabel Benenato ” hero , the  man you dress?

IB: I have no precise strategy. I didn’t follow a recipe, I just listen to my ideas. It’s not a man or a woman, it’s more like a lifestyle.

FM: Who is this man?

IB:My inspiration comes from different directions! It’s all around , life itself inspires me, people , nature , art. By creating I see it as a way to   be and conceive the world.


FM: Do you feel fashion is changing? Towards which direction?

IB: Luckily fashion never stops to change.  I still hope people will begin to follow their personality through what they wear and not the opposite. Often we don’t have too much respect for our own body. When we just follow the trends without listening to ourselves.


FM: What is the most important thing a young designer must know?
 Have you worked for other designers before you launched your own collection?

IB: Learning from your mistakes and being constantly curious I would say. I spent a brief time at Bottega Veneta in Firenze, developing knitwear  and it did  help me, in many ways; for example to give  special attention to details on each garment.

FM: What shall we expect from you in the near future?

IB: Grow up day by day , learn how to get better at my work , while remaining faithful to myself.

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FM: Where is your FW15 collection available?

IB: We just had a Fashion show last January for the f/w 2015/16 collection at Pitti in Florence. Our sales campaign went very well , both in Paris and Milan. The collection will be distributed in the most beautiful stores world-wide. We have very faithful clients , in the USA , UK, Europe, China and Russia.


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