Kinsa Thing, a contemporary jewellery practice by Elvira Grob

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Elvira Grob  was trained in Switzerland to the highest standards under a four year apprenticeship in goldsmithing, followed by studies in current design practices. Elvira has returned to goldsmithing in order to challenge her frustration with current jewellery design, and bring innovative aesthetics and skilled craftsmanship back to the discipline.

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Kinsa Thing is a jewellery practice that brings together craftsmanship, sophisticated materials and design. The design approach is boldly minimal, avoiding the need for any superfluous decoration. Each piece is crafted by hand from fine materials to create precious and enduring objects. Kinsa Thing is committed to only using Ecogold in their pieces. This gold is entirely recycled from traceable sources and therefore does not contribute to the human and environmental exploitation of current mining practices.


Photography Marlen Keller  / Styling Gary Moore / H&M Joanna Banach / Model Meret K. / All jewellery by Kinsa Thing


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