Exploring uncharted territories and broadening its repertoire, Laurence  Airline’s new collection keeps its genuine artisan roots, while finding innovative ways to incorporate exclusive prints . With a relaxed and  confident guy in mind, Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud imagines the ultimate wardrobe for everyday wear, envisaging her signature shirts as the brand’s core segment. Underlining movement and ease, the collection appeals to men with different tastes and personalities, coming up with seductive options and unpretentious clothes.
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This season, shirts, bombers and  jackets make a strong statement. Tailored items manage to be light and functional at the same time, from a bold neoprene  blazer to a stylish bomber. Paired with narrow pants, they look fresh and youthful, staying away from fussy details to create a cleaner silhouette. Updating the idea of the traditional suit, the designer also offers fully printed ensembles, including blazer, shirt and pants.
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They underline her sense of playfulness, as well as her cheerful energy. Entitled LEGOZONG LAURENCEAIRLINE’s new collection has a  graphic and dynamic edge, mixing the timeless beauty of traditional motifs with the straightforwardness of an urban wardrobe. The silhouette is clean, unfussy and direct, finding its roots within contemporary sportswear and the optimism of 1960s Pop Art.
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Several exclusive prints are presented this season, carefully developed over time to  give tailored shirts their unique appeal. Placing pockets and trims in unexpected places, Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud moves away from the formality of menswear to invent a more creative and personal language. Her pieces can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways, emphasizing the natural independence and poise of the man who chooses her clothes.
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Pursuing her research on fabric combinations and textures, the collection uses contrast as a leitmotiv, from the crisp feel of honeycomb cotton to the gentle softness of fluid jerseys. Neoprene is used for tailored jackets and pants, giving an everyday classic a stylish update. If shirts are fitted close to the body, the tunic shape is looser and longer, making it ideal for both genders. Following suggestions from her clients, Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud introduces several styles, which can also be worn by women.



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