Les Fleurs du mal FW16 Collection by LARA QUINT

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Lara Quint is an emerging fashion brand of designer Lara Tomashchuk. LARA QUINT is an abbreviation of Quintessence (from Lat. quīnta essentia – fifth essence) that is the key, most important, most significant and purest essence. This is the fifth, the finest type of matter along with water, air, earth and fire. It is this association that keeps the desire of Lara Quint to work with the transformation of image into clothes with the help of colors, unusual shapes, lines, and materials. Lines and shaping of the garment follow in the footsteps of the past, highlighting the most memorable parts of a cut that gives fresh perspective on fashion.

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Minimalistic clean-cut and volumed silhouettes are considered to be the signature of LARA QUINT along with innovative fabrics. Prints are interspersed with textures, handmade technology embodies fabrics into architectonic forms. Plastic,wood and metal give new meaning to material. Lady of LARA QUINT is passionate, a ree spirit personality looking for unique outfits for her image to shine out and feel on top. It is an intelligent and ambitious woman, clothes gives her confidence, femininity, sexuality and reveals the authenticity of her personality.

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All flowers wither, yet we wish to keep the sweet scent of their withering in our hearts. Is it immoral? Possibly. Are we to blame? Certainly not! Charles Baudelaire draws a bright line between life and death in his collection of poems “The Flowers of Evil” (Les Fleurs du mal). He glorifies beauty the moment it’s born and then eloquently foretells its demise.

This is the inspiration behind LARA QUINT’s new Autumn/Winter collection “Les Fleurs du mal”. Its central image is a flower in the state of catharsis: a bright, blinding flash, the craving for the sun, the intoxicating scent. But the beautiful flower is doomed to wither, die, and decay; it’s about to return to the soil that it came from.

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LARA QUINT endures the death of ideals. A human being is weak and a flower is marvelous. Pastel shades morph into crazy ones and the brightest moments are recorded. A flower and a human being are interlaced in their common effort to break away from decay and burst forward with a bright flash, magnificent and senseless in all its beauty.

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Strict designs coupled with laconic knitwear find harmony through the magic touch of LARA QUINT. Long coats, trouser suits, and woollen overalls matched with knee-high boots and rubberized fabric gloves are a complementary combination of rough male and delicate feminine aesthetics. A chrysanthemum flower is the collection’s central motif, making its way through stitches, petals entwining chests and waists, and returning to the soil as dew drops trickling down the stalks of our hands.

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Photographer: Elena Grishkova

Style: Edna Shindinde

Model: Margarita (Starsystem)

Make-up: Evgenia Spiktorenko

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