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The story of the collection is about a man who comes home after another ordinary, boring and tiring day he has spent at work. After entering the stairwell he decides not to take an elevator to get to the fifth floor but goes on foot instead.

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While climbing the stairs he occasionally gets lost in thoughts until he realizes that something is not as it should be. Suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a labyrinth, having lost all sense of reality. At the exact moment when he feels completely exhausted, he has to start self-cognition process to exit the labyrinth.

In the collection are used innovative, classically deconstructed cuts, wool, cotton, denim and polyester fabrics. The collection was inspired by mystique, smoke, mist, fog and lonely compositions (e.g. compositions in Edward Hopper’s paintings).


MAREUNROL’S was established in 2002 by the fashion designers Mārīte Mastiņa and Rolands Pēterkops. The emerging fashion brand is based in Riga, Latvia.

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They are winners of the 24th festival of photography and fashion Hyeres 2009( winning the main awards; Grand Prix L’Oreal and 1,2,3, awards).

They studied in the Riga Design Art College and then continued their studies at The Latvian Academy of Arts (Fashion Design) and Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Mareunrol’s collections are concept based where they designed clothes are very often accompanied by specially designed sets, scenography,video projections and installations, photography, i.e. any creative outputs, that can help to tell they story.They look for new mediums of presenting fashion and find new art disciplines that could be incorporated into the world of fashion design. This is why in Mareunrol’s shows it seems to be avant-garde, but in reality it’s wearable fashion.Their want to show an existing environment that is not always evident, though it`s right under our noses, combine reality with the surreal feeling. For them It is very important that each detail has a purpose and a meaning and that Mareunrol’s clothes tell their own story and live their own lives.


  1. Robo Tron

    I love the minimalism, monochromatic colours & the simplicity of the clothes presented in a quirky fashion. Bravo.


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