NEREE by Sarah Julie Lenel Graduate collection FW1617

« Handling colours and lines, isn’t it true diplomacy, because the real difficulty is to judiciously accord it all. » Raoul Dufy.

For her first collection inspired by the explorer, contemporary art and surrealism, Sarah Julie Lenel presents Nérée fall/winter 2016-2017, a declension of a marine’s wardrobe indispensable: Stripe.

Sarah-Esmod-11 Sarah-Esmod-17 Sarah-Esmod-2 Sarah-Esmod-21 Sarah-Esmod-26 Sarah-Esmod-27 Sarah-Esmod-3 Sarah-Esmod-37

“The action of painting is based on the link of mixed colors, the link of united forms and the link of forms and colors”. Auguste Herbin.

Sarah Julie Lenel advocates colors and uses them without any restraint. Humor, optimism and generosity, Nérée highlights the contemporary and eccentric city sailor.

The pieces of clothing are generously shaped. SJL offers a game between graphics and colors that brings dynamism and stability to the outfits. She brings a contemporary note through satins and smooth fabrics: the satin cotton, twill and Doupion used on jackets; the percaline, cotton poplin and Linon of the shirts; the twill and taffeta of the breeches and Bermuda shorts.


Pullovers have their part of surprises too. From a distance they might seem knitted but, getting closer, the weaving is revealed and gives a new vision of the turtleneck sweater. The pullovers’ woven wools, the jackets’ laminated flannels and the coats’ wadded jersey bring volume and give a soft, supple and comfortable touch at the same time.

Sarah-Esmod-48 Sarah-Esmod-59

Without ridicule in the excess and with a lot of extravagance, Sarah Julie Lenel offers outfits from an adventurous world in an eccentric and city style. SJL is intended for a quirky man with a great sense of humor.

Credits :
Photographer : N.DJavanshir
Models : Marius and Nash

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