Pitchouguina’s broken embraces

Text by Haris Giannouras


A quirky smile, a random touch, a pair of eyes cross, a quick hug and a hold of hands. Random everyday images that doesn’t seem to matter and sleep away as easily as they occured. But up and coming London based designer Pitchouguina uses this kind of otherwise basic imagery embodied with a minimal quality to create clothes for dreamers. Simple and clean shapes and lines construct figures with a distinct minimalism, poetic vibe and pure geometry. The beauty that hides in the most subtle and discreet corners of our everyday life.

PITCHOUGUINA_AW15.16_LOOKBOOK_selected-page-002 PITCHOUGUINA_AW15.16_LOOKBOOK_selected-page-010

Pieces that capture our eye even though they are not bold, edgy or provocative but honest and true. Pitchouguina showcases a perfect example of the power that the poetry of the less carries, and creates a greatly balanced collection with a fresh modern day vibe. Another great element evoked is a rather personal and apologetic tone. Almost as if she tries to recall memories and feelings, the last time you kissed him, or had ice cream, or maybe both. In other words pieces of a greatly made clear fashion dream filed with hugs, sex, coffee and all things nice, that we don’t won’t to exit.

PITCHOUGUINA_AW15.16_LOOKBOOK_selected-page-009 PITCHOUGUINA_AW15.16_LOOKBOOK_selected-page-011 PITCHOUGUINA_AW15.16_LOOKBOOK_selected-page-013

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