IFFTI 2015 is going to be one of the most important national and international events of the year in Florence: the cradle of Renaissance will host the training institutes and fashion sector companies belonging to the IFFTI network (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes).
The IFFTI ‘WALK & TALK’ conference will be held from 12 to 16 May 2015. Dates were not chosen by chance, as at the same time two other major international events will take place in Italy: the Milan Expo 2015 and the contemporary art expo at the Biennale in Venice. The 2015 edition (17th in the history of the IFFTI Annual Conference) will be open to all professionals and students in the fields of design, fashion, art and architecture, following the example set by other famous expositions and contemporary biennial presentations.
IFFTI 2015 will be a time to reflect on the value and perspective of fashion and design in relation to the human body (BODY) and urban space (SPACE), as a place for imagination (IMAGINARY), writing (CALLIGRAPHY), creation (CRAFT) and clothing (DRESS). The central theme of the project is “Momenting the Memento: Connecting Fashion, Education and the City”, taken from the book by the same name that is scheduled for distribution this coming June.
Invitations were sent to visionaries, artists, writers, designers, art curators, journalists, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from different sectors to liven up a “moment” of international conversation and regenerate a cultural context that favors a free exchange of ideas and experiences. It’s a prototype of Florentine Humanism, able to read the signs of the present to imagine and plan the future.

Momenting the Memento

Momenting the Memento by Danilo Venturi

The celebrations of Firenze Hometown of Fashion and Pitti Uomo will also be the ideal setting for the presentation of the book “Momenting the Memento” by Danilo Venturi, (a professor and coordinator for the Business and Communication area at Polimoda, as well as the author of Luxury Hackers) published by SKIRA and curated by Linda Loppa. This book offers food for thought to encourage a proactive reinterpretation of the city’s history to sparkle a moment of intellectual and cultural awakening through fashion – the most important sector of contemporary aesthetics.
The goal is to rebuild new forms of interaction with art, design, architecture, and urban planning as Florentines did in the past during the Renaissance, of which the city is still an expression and a representation. The book contains never before published interviews by Filep Motwary with designers, journalists and opinion leaders, from Tim Blanks to Christian Lacroix, Bruce Pask, Robin Schulie, Diane Pernet and Rick Owens.

collage leonardo da vinci KoKo

collage Leonardo Da Vinci © KoKo

This June 15th,  at Villa Favard, the Fitting Performance will take place. An authentic invasion of tableaux vivant: an original way to display the 80 collections by students in Fashion Design & Fashion Technology. A series of live performances will unfold before the public, to entertain them in the large garden and the rooms of the villa.

Daniele Dell'Anna Show

Polimoda Show 2014 – sketch by Daniele Dell’Anna


On 17 June 2014, Villa Favard will turn into a breath-taking set for the Polimoda Fashion Show, which for the first time will present on the runway the twenty best final collections of graduating students in Fashion Design. This “best of” Polimoda talents will be organized for a double replica show on live streaming on the channels Not Just a Label, Wowcracy, Vogue.it and Diane Pernet’s blog.


On top Ekaterina Ivankova. Bottom show GianfrancoVillegas

FashionShow2013_Yekaterina Ivankova1


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