RAUN LAROSE SS15 / Because of the internet

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The Internet allows us to indulge every aspect of our personality. We are constantly exposed to new ideas, conversations and people. It allows us to create identities and indulge in both ends of the spectrum all at once. Attuned to what is good about it, what is bad, simply how IT IS. We ARE in this moment. During the creation of this collection I became fascinated by the range of feelings and emotions the study of the Internet evoked. To be young in the digital age is to take for granted that there are no limits, so I sought out to translate those ideas into the process of this collection.

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Were all words positioned in my mind while working on the process. A sense of isolation is channeled into the deconstruction of unfamiliar cuts and shapes, while unity channeled more familiar colors and silhouettes. The freedom and warmth of constant communication translated into more relaxed silhouettes. Experimenting with denim and canvas screen-­‐printing for the first time represented my thoughts on consumption.


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