By Harris Yiannouras

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From the Scarlet Letter, where red was identified as a color of adultery and shame, to the iconic red Valentino gowns that reestablished its place and impact as a luxury color, and Issey Miyake’s avant-garde metallic bloody corset red has played an ambiguous role throughout the history of fashion. Kateřina Hynková, an up and coming Czech designer, presented an all red collection that explores the idea of duality and the human need for real intimate relationships.

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Garments that look as if they organically in the most natural way developed them selves on the models that carry them, one as an extension of the other. Like a second skin, an imprinted memory, or even a poetic comment on the human experience itself. Jumpers, trousers and even skirts in various fabrics and textures, with interesting embroidered details that give away a fresh unisex vibe.

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The key point to Hynkova’s work is how the concept of duality interacts with the red monochromatic pallet of the pieces resulting to a bold artistic project with a subtle poetic touch. Perhaps a new perspective, one could say, of how one approaches and interprets the very same cultural sent and impact that red caries.

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