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Born and raised in Vienna, Roshi  Porkar studied fashion at the University of Applied Arts under the guidance of Véronique Branquinho and Bernhard Willhelm. She has worked for stylist Karl Templer in New York and for Lanvin in Paris.

Last year’s April 2014 was a fruitful month for her as she participated at the 29th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères where she won the Chloé Prize. This morning, while in Los Angeles, she revealed her new collection to The Kinsky as well as her view on being young and creative!

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Roshi, so this is your first collection after Hyeres. We see a new woman, much more refined, yet still contemporary….
Thanks Filep. I just wanted to keep going. I can’t pause for too long. I wanted to try out things that I liked, visually, no concept, no huge story behind it.
Yes, sometimes press releases tend to be exhaustively long..
After that you are always afraid of whats next. Especially when you are done with one story and want to move on.
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So how it is for you, working as a designer who is actually a recent winner of the prestigious Chloe Prize at Hyeres Festival. What has changed since that day?
or me personally not much. I am happy to have found reassurance. I believe it’s vital for any artist and designer.
So who is the Roshi Porkar woman, have you refined it yet?
I think I am still experimenting with her. I can’t tell if I’ve really found my own handwriting yet, and I don’t know if I really want to, I think it would bore me after a while.
Is the fashion industry a welcoming place for young designers you think?
It depends what your goals are. It’s a tough industry of course, like many others, and the competition is immensely large, it’s often impossible to stand out. I really appreciate festivals like Hyères that give you the opportunity to have a voice, even if it is for a short time. It opens many doors, that would have stayed shut before. I am very thankful of that experience.
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What are you plans for this collection?
This collection was very personal to me. I did it without any expectations. I love working that way. I don’t know if I will continue working on it, or start something completely new soon. I have a few plans for next year ..
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Photos: Lukas Gansterer  / Make-Up/Hair: Verena Rabl  / Models: Lisi Zeininger and Klara Mia


  1. zahra

    I absolutely LOVE the Roshi Porkar Collection. Where can one buy these?
    Best, Zahra, San Francisco, CA


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