the visuals for Marine Serre SS18

WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-6 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-7 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-8 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-13 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-14 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-15 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-20 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-21 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-22 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-27 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-28 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-29
Cornerstones SS18 is an exclusive capsule collection that variates, consolidates and aims to broaden the resonance of the designs that propelled Serre and her team into the very epicenter of contemporary fashion, while she plans her more major Fall/ Winter ’18 collection for early 2018. The collection was conceived during a stormy period including the brand’s definitive breakthrough to a wider audience. Pushing the metaphor to its limits, the collection may be construed as the laying of the elementary cornerstones of Marine Serre’s brand-new house.

Photographe Tanguy Poujol
Mannequins Juliet Merie, Mathilde Timmerman, Mila Stomatova
Consulting Benoit Bethume
Make Up Nina Haverkamp

WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-5 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-9 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-18 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-19 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-31 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_ WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-2 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-3 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-4 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-10 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-11 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-12 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-16 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-17 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-23 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-24 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-25 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-26 WEB_valli_WOMEN_SS18_-30


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