Verena Schepperheyn’s Genderfree Sculptures

Text by Haris Giannouras

_MG_0607 copy

Purity becomes a value and geometry a virtue, while boys are girls and men odd women in the world of Verena Schepperheyn. An emerging Berlin based designer whose work circles around a highly architectural and minimal approach, while shaping a distinct expressive pallet. Short printed shorts, sheer shirts and total blacks all blend together in order to give us a glimpse of a contemporary genderless coolness.

_MG_0248 copy _MG_0308 copy _MG_0574 copy _MG_0678 copy NEW _MG_0738 copyA voice of her generation Schepperheyn prefers to put in use aesthetic and artistic ideas regarding the concept of her creative process instead of gender stereotypes and borders. But in a world that consumes these kind of post norm-core mannequins with the speed of light and the mentality of an 80’s wall street banker, how is it that she manages to stand out and resist the certain trend driven death ?

_MG_0170 copy _MG_5190 copy _MG_5272 copy _MG_9953 copy The answer lies in her attention to detail, her reinvention of what it means to be cool and her careless attitude. The boy/girl who wears her pieces dances all night long to Nina Kravitz, is not afraid to get down and dirty, while still remaining  rad and crisp ready to get lost somewhere between a Beth Ditto gig and a Samuel Becket poetry reading.

Photos: Sam Lee / Photography Assistant: Jung A Kim / H&M: Katharina Handel with Basics / Model: Lukas Ziegele @ VIVA Models / Styling Assistant: Teresa Carvalheira / Shoes: Rombaut

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