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Their frequent trips from their atelier in French Alps to Paris felt like there is definitely something in between privacy in South of France and Parisian rush, that keeps your mood relaxed, but busy at the same time. This collection marked an explicit movement into softness and color with a touch of rigor and strictness, the aspects, that has already been shown in their previous collections.

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victoria/tomas is making shapes drip and run in two tone bermudas and loose turtle neck tops by using extra fine and opaque sand-washed silks in off-white, creamy beige, blue and silver, developed by Britain’s silk company leaders.
The reconstruction of classic garments is playing a big role in their new collection. Trying to obtain a new silhouette, sporty and sophisticated, victoria/tomas is experimenting with constructions, patterns and geometry.

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With a use of soft and sliding french-made cottons, they developed a line of rounded and voluminous pieces with gathering details in extra fresh sky blue, ocean and white palettes. Their new season’s shapes avoid classic lines, erasing side seams and forgetting about unnecessary assemblies.

Breaking, but at the same time respecting the rules of clothes manufacturing, they are modifying shapes of classic bomber jackets, tailored coats, skirts and dresses using new technologies from Italian jacquard makers, naturally oversizing the shapes by adding, multi layers, under layers and pleated elements.

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