WRKDEPT – Montreal-based clothing label that pushes boundaries

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For AW16, themed “Bed and Breakfast” WRKDEPT transforms its house basics into wool essentials, offering a variety of casual oversize tunics, hoodies and trousers. This season also marks the brand’s induction into tailoring, introducing five spectacularly tailored coats, each with unique features.


WRKDEPT by Andy Long Hoang is a satirical contemporary street brand established in Montreal, Canada. Since releasing a 5 T-shirt collection in 2013, the brand has grown into a full unisex experimental clothing line. Keeping within the philosophy of relatable and wearable clothing, there is still an attempt to introduce new silhouettes and materials.

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HASHTAG: #wrkdept

INSTAGRAM: @wrkdept

FACEBOOK: wrkdeptdotcom


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