TAL Gallery opens in Portugal this January

TAL | Tech Art Lab is an international contemporary art gallery and cultural platform established in 2010 at the old Bhering Chocolate Factory, in the port zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

TAL launches its exhibition space at the Cidadela Art District, in Cascais, Portugal, where it will show within the Dialogue series the work of guest artists represented by the gallery.

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Dialogue was born out of the interest in the cultural interchange between contemporary artists from all around the world, especially from the Brazil- Portugal axis, and South America and Europe, strengthening a creative connection between the countries and continents concerned.

For its first edition, Dialogue No.1, which debuts on 28th January, 2017, the works of artists Sandra Baía (Portugal) and João Penoni (Brazil) were chosen. The title of this exhibition is Luz Aura Reflexo (Light Aura Reflex), and shows the relation between the productions of these two contemporary artists.

Sandra Baía was born in 1968, in Lisbon, Portugal.
João Penoni was born in 1983, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Sandra Baía makes use of her own body in her artistic process, choosing industrial materials, metallic and reflexive such as stainless steel, acrylic and metal alloys, twisting and bending, cutting and reassembling them. Baía explores the three-dimensionality of sculptures and site-specific installations where we see our image reflected and the surroundings distorted through its amorphous and abstract reflections.

The spectator’s clash with the physical power and luminosity inherent to Sandra’s work calls into question the human nature of intimacy and distance, influenced by the alternations of scales and dimensions used by the artist, by conceptual minimalism and physical abstraction, in a way as to consider the balance between the inner and outer worlds in a dialogue with oneself and in the relationship with his surroundings.

João Penoni also uses his own body in his performances, videos and photography. During his most recent period, entitled Auriluz, the artist covers himself and moves around with metallic and reflexive blankets.

In his long-exposure photography, the artist registers his body in movement wearing the blanket, creating a mass of energy and color that does not seem to quieten down. The images resemble luminous, sanctified forms of a body-aura, body-energy.

Penoni, in his condition of “man-nature” and at the same time immersed in his contemporaneity, makes use of mechanical and technological devices to document his artistic process and to question transition, trace and metamorphosis.

In the processes and creative results of Sandra Baía and João Penoni are contained human and ethereal features, in dialogue with the materiality of supports used in industry and technology.

In both artistic representations, contemporary questions are put through the body, present and/or reflected by the work, energy, brightness and luminosity, and by the mirroring and representation of our own image.

The body, the work, the space, the other, nature, the inside and the outside; fixed and transitory places, sensorial experiences of physical and spatial alternation and new forms of relationship with the world are creative forces that act in connection with the essence of life, with nature and its surrounding, but that at the same time generate contrasts and estrangement between the setting chosen for his works and his “light-bodies”.

TAL Gallery Cidadela Art District

Avenida D. Carlos I 2750-310 Cascais Portugal

Show opening on 28th January 6pm

Opening hours: 28th January to 14th April

Wednesday to Sunday, 2pm to 6pm

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