A preview of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

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FASHIONCLASH Festival is about to take over Maastricht for the 7th time. More than 150 designers from all over the globe will show their work during a 4-day program.

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FASHIONCLASH Festival is a renowned international and interdisciplinary fashion festival. Its program contains fashion shows, MAFAD Graduation Show, designer market, exhibitions, fashion film, theatre and dance performances, awards, lectures, workshops and pop-up stores. It gives a new generation of designers and artists the possibility to show their work to an international audience. It’s a unique opportunity to discover new talents and to get inspired by the art of fashion.
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GENDER – Celebration of diversity and self-expression
The overall theme of the festival this year is GENDER, the sociological differences between men and women are discarded and we celebrate human diversity. FASHIONCLASH would like to cordially invite you to discover the uniqueness of the human character. Everyone has the right to a unique identity and fashion offers a limitless freedom of expression. That’s why FASHIONCLASH Festival challenges you to think about a world where the fixed gender codes and prescribed identities seize to exist.
Imagine there’s no gender, it’s easy if you try.  Could this be a possible reality or is it a unreachable utopia?
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FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015, the 7th edition of the international and interdisciplinary fashion festival takes place on June 11th – 14th  in Maastricht.
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What can we expect from the festival this year.

Fien Ploeger_Photography Max MatoFASHION SHOWS
A Fashion Show schedule where emerging designers and graduating students of MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design) will show their sublime collections. The line-up of designers represents a broad range of design aesthetics and features up-and-coming names like Flora Miranda (Belgium), Rafael Kouto (Switzerland), Wilfried Lantoine (France), Ines Duvale (Portugal), Blank Etiquette (Germany), Jivika Biervliet (Netherlands),  and many more.  The catwalk will also function as a stage for performance The Mutants by Lotte Milder and Tabula Rasa by Project Sally Maastricht as well as a stage for the Award ceremony on the last day of the festival. Various awards including FASHIONCLASH Festival talent Award and KALTBLUT Magazine award will be presented to its winners.
Karolina Siarkowicz
Gender- Exhibition
The fashion shows are complemented by an multidisciplinary Exhibition where a selection of creative work curated around the theme of gender will be exhibited. The former interior design factory of Mosa will temporarily be transformed into an innovative museum, where the selected art works relay the different visions of gender in various ways. Think among others photography, illustration, clothing, video, object and shoe design. In the exhibition you can browse through installations by designers such as Stefanie Braz, Maison the Faux, Begum Yildirim and Camiel Fortgens.

VERWEVEN 2015, a performance project created by theatre performer Nina Willems, will yet again be one of the highlights of the exhibition. For “VERWEVEN”, 3 people were asked to tell the stories behind the clothes they wear. How do these clothes reflect their personalities, memories and feelings? And how do they use clothes to express their gender? Every interview results in a short film. For every person that is interviewed, one young designer creates an entirely new outfit, that reflects their personality. Designers David Laport, Loes van Nijnatten en Schueller de Waal are invited to take part.
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You’ll also be able to visit the Clash Project, one of the core projects of the festival, in the exhibition area. It places its focus on the connection between disciplines and visions. In other words it embodies the interdisciplinary spirit FASHIONCLASH tries to propagate. Each year ten non-fashion designers are invited to share their vision according to their artistic discipline in relation to fashion. Ultimately this leads to a ‘clash’ of philosophical, cultural and practical methodologies. As a result a new hybrid discipline takes form.  ?

The Designer Market completes the Festival programme at the main venue. This is a great opportunity for the audience to personally meet the designers and to actually buy their unique clothing, jewellery and accessories. You can discover here  brands and designers like ARGUMENT, Karin Brettmeister, Sciume?, MPA jewellery collective, Blueberries, Bola, Delacier, ONE WOLF, Sofya Hats, Mies Nobis and many more.

FASHIONCLASH Side Program, at various location in Maastricht 11–14 June

The FASHIONCLASH Side Program is an accompanying schedule taking place at various locations in Maastricht city centre. As the catwalk shows are scheduled to start in the late afternoon, our captivating side programme will arouse your attention in the morning and prickle your senses in the early afternoon. Next to many fashionable stores and shops you can enjoy a variety of cafes and restaurants and some of them are giving space for emerging talent. 
Bonnefantenmuseum will exhibit a series of silhouettes, courtesy of the Fashion Museum Hasselt archive, that typify gender codes throughout the 20th century. This exhibition includes iconic designs of Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçons.
At the Outspoken Designer Store at De BRANDWEERKANTINE you can discover and buy designs and fashion presented by Outspoken Concept Store. The ‘de Bijenkorf’, a luxury department store, will host the captivating Showpieces exhibition with striking work by among others Simonetta Alejandra, Fien Ploeger, Jasna Rokegem and Isabel Helf. Bureau Europa will host the ‘Meet the Maker’ exhibition where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the artists themselves. Theater performer Luca Szymkowiak ‘In the Milky Ways of eternity’ performance at Marres.
Furthermore we seduce you to engage in the ‘fashion & gender’ dialogue with the ‘Fashion Talk’ at Centre Céramique, also the venue for our latest incubating project, ‘Meet the Industry’, where the upcoming talents showcasing during the FCF Festival will have a chance to meet industry professionals.
Lumière Cinema will host ‘Fashion Film Night Out’ where you’ll be able to watch short fashion films. At Museum aan het Vrijthof you can visit MIJNshop/MIJNcollectie project and installations by studio IKKAI,  Lisa Schamlé and Malou Beemer/Eef Lubbers and Hean Kim.
And if that isn’t enough, there’ll be several exhibitions located at must-see stores and hotspots such as Coffeelovers, PL-Line, Stijl Wyck, Conflict, Festen, Noir, Le Marais Deux & Koffie and Mayfair.
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For more information: www.fashionclash.nl

Attached images are:
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CARLOTAOMS_photo Adrian Zalez 
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Ines Duvale_ photo  Joa?o Manuel Gonc?alves
Kaho To_photo_Sarah Distel 
Karolina Siarkowicz
Mies Nobis
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Studio Kiekebos_Olga Simonenko
WILFRIED LANTOINE_photo Yann Morisson
Yojiro Kake_photo Peter Stigter

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