CHANEL couture at the Villa Noailles

Text and photography by Filep Motwary.


It is well known that Chanel partnered with Hyeres Festival for it’s 30th anniversary and this brought a different air to the whole event. Everything seemed to be more bold this time, with a weight that one appreciates with pleasure. The “piscine” room, where Marie Laure De Noailles once enjoyed moments with artists and friends is now Chanel’s sanctuary, showcasing pieces from Chane’s Fall 2014 collection, inspired by Carlos de Beistegui.

Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150420_0272 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150420_0274 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0286 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0296

Architectural purity, shapes and flawless embroidery, gems and stones and crafts. This is what Chanel is about.

Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0288 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0289

The Haute Couture collection does not surprise, on the contrary you know what you are invited to see, yet you find yourself standing there, appreciating every inch of creation from any possible angle.

Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150420_0273 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0280 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0284 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0285 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0291 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0293 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0294 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0298

If you are in the South of France, don’t miss this exhibition.

click on Villa Noailles.

Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150420_0275 Chanel_filep_motwary_©_Villa_Noailles_20150422_0295

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