Come Closer, nu_be and Mustafa Sabbagh

NU_BE’s new advertisement campaign has just been released, a one minute film directed by Mustafa Sabbagh.

“We’d like to think that good projects are born from the alchemy of encounters. Unexpected meetings, like the one between nu_be and Mustafa Sabbagh, photographer and visual artist, the author of the video. His look creates a mysterious and implacably intimate relationship between ourselves and nu_be. A connection with a tangible and unique creature to hold tight in our hands, within a play between balance and seduction.
The perfume becomes, even if only for a few instants, the object of an exclusive and absolute desire. Mustafa Sabbagh investigates the soul of nu_be with sensual precision and a marvelous lyric tension: this is a way to tell the story of our body, its darker and mysterious side, the one that is much more deeply true and human. nu_be reveals thus its “being there” as a subtle presence, ephemeral, beyond the genders.
The pictures by M. S. intensely hit our senses and awake deep resonances. They determine different movements of our spirit and heart. This is where nu_be feels a common sensibility: an invitation to experience in order to discover new itineraries of meaning.”

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