„Equal” by Oskar Schmidt at Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz – Museum Gunzenhauser

Oskar_Schmidt_Museum_Gunzenhauser_2017_02 Oskar_Schmidt_Museum_Gunzenhauser_2017_05 Oskar_Schmidt_Museum_Gunzenhauser_2017_09

„Equal”, the title of the solo exhibition by the artist Oskar Schmidt at Museum Gunzenhauser in Chemnitz, refers not only to the digital duplication and mirroring of images and elements of images that can be observed in some of his recent works, but also to how photographic images can be created, modified and multiplied in such an easy and, at the same time, complex manner in the 21st century – and also to how confusingly the reading of these images can come unstuck. The patinated surfaces that lent an anachronistic, „Old World” character to his previous works have been replaced in his new pictures by textureless backgrounds and smooth reflective surfaces such as those that can be found in the digital image databases of stock photography agencies.

Oskar_Schmidt_Museum_Gunzenhauser_2017_14 Oskar_Schmidt_Museum_Gunzenhauser_2017_16

Photoshop was once a hidden component of his working method, but he now makes full use of the possibilities and linguistics of the virtual, digital space with which contemporary photography is inextricably linked.


Duration of the exhibition: 11 February – 23 April 2017  Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the Artist, Museum Gunzenhauser and Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart




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