The 1/(2+2) Project

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The 1/(2+2) project refers to a mere 1/4 image of a whole. The 1/(2+2) project corresponds to pattern making design, and as the name implies, it is the 1/4th size of a full-sized pattern.
In other words, the fraction 1/(2+2) represents the ratio 1:4 depicting a quarter of reality, a fourfold idea, a quadruple reflection of an image.
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The four artists that worked for this project come from different backgrounds but share the same ideology and passion about creating art.
Serenata Serano is a freelance fashion designer who is struggling, since she was little with the Pessoa syndrome, to give birth to creatures that do not exist. Tassos Tangled is an architect, a subconsciously clear-cut lines maniac who is responsible for the art direction of the project. Kostis Fokas is a photographer with dilated pupils, who is totally jacked up when he gets a whiff of naked flesh.


Helga Hansen is a pagan artist, who has been incarnated through a mathematical fraction and has seized the chance to meet her illusory reflection.
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