Where there’s something hiding beneath the surface, curated by Domenico de Chirico


Hubert Marot’s work deals with the photographic image and the transformation of its fundamental principles in a continuous extension of the medium boundaries.
The creative gesture of personification and mythic through the concealing of the real, establishes the basis of the artist peculiarity that consciously passes through the various development and printing techniques of an image. Shapes, cuts, borrowed prints, fake collages, overlaps, color flows give to the whole work its a devotion to the process phases and experimentation.

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Creating the right chymics formula to realize lines, curves and visible creases on the canvas in order to compose a visible color intensity. Every composition is architectonic-ally structured as the effective textures in volumes, in chromatic alternation and lucency.
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Marot was born in Château-Thierry, France in 1986. He studied photography at Les Gobelins of Paris (2009). Hubert’s work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, institutions and art fairs such as La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille (2013), YIA Art Fair in Paris (2013-15), The Camera Club of New York (2015), Art Brussels (2015). His work is in the permanent public collection of La BNF in Paris. In 2016 he will have a solo exhibition at the Until Then Galerie in Saint-Ouen.


Pedro Matos chooses to explore lines, trying to give to light that same lyric and beauty of their symbolic complexity and meaning.
With the prevalent use of linen canvases, the artist manually intervenes with absolute accuracy and an attentive visual slightness. Metaphorically, studying the vertex of human action on nature, destructive and constructive in the same time, intervenes with a gestural celerity that countersigns the works’ transformation. Conceptually can be similar to the urban culture or to the graffiti’s street style and the cut-up in advertisement. As an abstraction, he manipulates immaterial shapes imagined with levity, creating new semantic frontiers.

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Pedro Matos was born in Santarém, Portugal in 1989. He studied at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon (2008); Arco Visual Arts Centre (2009) and Central Saint Martin’s College of Art at the University of London (2011). Pedro’s work has been widely exhibited internationally, both in solo and group exhibitions in institutions and galleries such as the Coa Museum in Vila Nova de Foz Coa(2015), Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon (2014), The National Army Museum in London (2013); Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles (2013); The Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas (2012); University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson (2011) Phillips de Pury in London (2010) among others. His work is in the permanent public collections of The National Army Museum in London,Museu da Guarda in Guarda and Biblioteca Nacional Portuguesa in Lisbon.
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